The Road to Boylston Street

The Road to Boylston Street When I first started running, I was a young mid-20’s mom of three babies, crippled with postpartum depression.  I was desperate to find something that was my own, just for me, that had nothing to do with diapers, midnight feedings, preschool, or Dora the Explorer.  I didn’t realize that runningContinue reading “The Road to Boylston Street”

What would happen if you just…threw away the Scale?

I have a post rumbling around in my head that I’ve hesitated to share. Who is this going to offend? Who is this going to inspire? I had planned to post 2 different pics of myself. One taken in January, one taken this week to show my fitness progress, change in body composition and weight.Continue reading “What would happen if you just…threw away the Scale?”

Finding Joy in the Journey

A few years ago I wrote a song called “Where I’ve Been”. I never did anything with it, recorded it or anything but it’s about finding yourself, your inner beauty, learning from the past and overcoming your demons and looking forward to the future. The lyrics start out: “My Head is reeling. These thoughts areContinue reading “Finding Joy in the Journey”

Grapefruit and Greens Energy Booster Salad! 

I love salads. I love getting creative and finding new thing to add to them. Particularly fruits and veggies that are in season.  Lately, my favorite salad add-in has been grapefruit. I love, I mean, LOVE grapefruit! It’s my favorite of all the citrus fruits! It’s the perfect blend of sweet and sour.  High inContinue reading “Grapefruit and Greens Energy Booster Salad! “

SaltAir Half Marathon

I had the pleasure of running the Saltair Half Marathon today as a pacer. The race started and ended at Old Saltair. It’s kinda of beautiful building, in a creepy haunted sort of way. href=””&gt; </a The course was a flat out and back, one I wouldn’t normally consider to be a fun route, butContinue reading “SaltAir Half Marathon”

Homemade Gluten Free Protein Energy Bars

I’m all about the grab and go pre-workout meal. Especially at 5:00 in the morning before a long run or a hard set at the gym. I have to eat before I workout. It’s important to fuel for energy before a hard workout. Heck, honestly, sometimes, I eat in the middle of my workout orContinue reading “Homemade Gluten Free Protein Energy Bars”

Big Cottonwood Marathon Recap

Two weeks ago, I ran the Big Cottonwood Marathon.  This was my first time running this marathon.  Last year, I ran the half and absolutely loved it!  Beautiful scenery, nice downhill course, great company. I decided after such a good experience, I should go ahead and run the full the next year. And so, IContinue reading “Big Cottonwood Marathon Recap”