What would happen if you just…threw away the Scale?

I have a post rumbling around in my head that I’ve hesitated to share. Who is this going to offend? Who is this going to inspire?

I had planned to post 2 different pics of myself. One taken in January, one taken this week to show my fitness progress, change in body composition and weight. Maybe I really should post those pics because to really illustrate my point maybe you need to see that there is almost zero difference between the two. (Maybe in my IG stories) But I thought the pics themselves might take away from my point or even add some irony to my post.

My weight in January was 141. I was lifting super heavy daily and running a little bit, but slow and easy Miles. I was counting my calories and watching my macros.

My pic from this week showed me weighing in at 139 (and I’m pretty sure it was before lunch because I was surprised to see a 3 instead of 4). Currently I have been logging about 60-70 miles a week, in the heart of marathon training, and only lifting light weights a few days a week. I’m not counting calories but just eating nutritious foods, focusing on intuitive eating and fueling my body for the long miles.

In the broad spectrum of things, let’s argue that my weight pretty much stayed the same. My appearance and size: same. My pants fit me….the same. Six pack? Eh….barely, if I really squeeze and scrunch up my face like something smells really bad. But still…the same.

So, what’s my point? The point is this: fitness, health, exercise, nutrition, whatever you want to call it. It’s not about what you look like. Or about the number on the scale or about your pants size or about getting a six pack. Those things mean nothing long term.

It’s about movement. It’s about taking good care of the body you were blessed with. The only body you get. Its about pushing your limits and seeing what you’re capable of. And then pushing a little further. It’s about finding joy in this crazy thing called life. It’s about climbing mountains, and seeing the world. It’s about playing with your kids. It’s about having energy to go swimming or hiking with your grandkids. It’s about longevity. I want to be still doing this when I’m 80. I don’t think I’ll care much about having a six pack when I’m 80. But I hope I can still get out and walk or hike or dance or play!

So whether your choice of movement is running, hiking, biking, lifting, or under water basket weaving, it doesn’t matter. Just get out and do it. Move your body. Enjoy your life.

And just go head and throw away that damn scale!


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