SaltAir Half Marathon

I had the pleasure of running the Saltair Half Marathon today as a pacer. The race started and ended at Old Saltair. It’s kinda of beautiful building, in a creepy haunted sort of way. href=””&gt; </a The course was a flat out and back, one I wouldn’t normally consider to be a fun route, butContinue reading “SaltAir Half Marathon”

Homemade Gluten Free Protein Energy Bars

I’m all about the grab and go pre-workout meal. Especially at 5:00 in the morning before a long run or a hard set at the gym. I have to eat before I workout. It’s important to fuel for energy before a hard workout. Heck, honestly, sometimes, I eat in the middle of my workout orContinue reading “Homemade Gluten Free Protein Energy Bars”